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   Man and Van removal prices are calculated on a variety of considerations such as how many floors are the items to be moved to and from. Carrying boxes to the second floor, without a lift, naturally involves more work than moving them into a ground floor bungalow for example.

But the costs are mainly based on the hours spent loading and unloading and distance travelled.

Find out the distance from pick up point to delivery point!

Then multiply the distance from your location to destination address by £1.50 per mile, this covers the cost of fuel etc.


 Give us a call and we will give you a figure over the phone

You will know an estimate price before we start, based on your description !

Price List

1 Item - £30 (Local In Hastings)

2 Items -£40 (Local In Hastings)

3 Items - £50 (Local In Hastings)

1 Bed Flat/Apartment - from £150

2 Bed Flat/Apartment/House - from £200

3 Bed Flat/Apartment/House - from £250

4 Bed Flat/Apartment/House - from £300

Additional Charges

£10 per Flight of Stairs (ex: 3rd floor = £30)

£1.50 per Mile (ex: 100 miles = £150)

Dismantle and Assemble per item (Beds, Wardrobes, Chest of Draws etc.)

The cost of removals is usually based on a number of factors including:

        Access - the access at both your origin and destination properties (for example how close a Removal Companies lorry can park to your front door, whether there is any low bridges or tight lanes to get to your property. This is important as it determines what size vehicle can be used and if any shuttle vehicle might be required to transport loads if access is tight.

Distance – between your origin and destination property, this is important as it determines the costs for transport

Services - the service elements you select i.e. full or part packing, handyman services, dismantling of items

 Special Care Items – any special care items that might require a little extra protection for example crating for a precious picture, grandfather clock or extra wrapping for highly sentimental items.

  Special Handling Items – any items requiring special handling for example items that might need to be removed via a window, overweight items requiring crane’s or special lifting equipment etc

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